About Wellness Ever

Wellness Ever is an Alternative Therapy & Holistic Healing Centre for Body, Mind & Soul. Located in Bangalore (Jayanagar) the Centre provides services like Reiki Healing & Training, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Counseling, Meditation Classes, Spirit Release Therapy, etc.,

The Centre also provides Workshops on Stress Management, Work-Life Balance, and Personality Development for Corporates and Educational Institutes.

We have excellent facilities and provide treatment packages that are wholesome. What makes it complete, is that, along with addressing illnesses manifested on the body, the emotions and thoughts that triggered these manifestations are addressed too. The physical ailments are treated; the subtle emotions are adequately attended to and healed. The outcome is a wonderful being looking forward to life with joy and vitality.

The combination of ancient, accepted and traditional systems of treatment and healing (without which cure is incomplete) is brought together for you. What originated thousands of years ago, Reiki and Meditation, are popularly practiced, enjoyed and cherished worldwide and over the years have only grown and healed more and more.

Our Mission: Helping people achieve a state of Wellness for Body, Mind & Soul.

About the Founder

Girish Shenoy

Girish Shenoy is an Natural Therapy Practitioner with about 16 years of experience as a Healer and over 9 years of experience as a Reiki Grandmaster, Meditation Guide, Counselor, Stress Management Coach, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Spirit Release Therapist and Black Magic Release Therapist.

Girish has also worked as a User Interface Designer (Software & Web) with a few IT companies for over 9 years. During this period he has volunteered as a Counselor, Healer & Trainer at couple of these organizations. He helped colleagues manage stress, achieve success with various aspects of life and has also guided them spiritually. The transformation he was able to bring into their lives inspired him to step into the ‘World of Wellness’ through Natural Therapies.

In 2009, Girish Shenoy founded Wellness Ever and has been a full time practitioner at Wellness Ever. He brings with him a vast blend of real life experiences and a passion to empower people to manage their life better.