Counselling Programs. Counsellors.

Counselling is the means by which one person helps another through purposeful conversation. It is a method of identifying practical solution to an identified problem. It is a conversational process that can be instrumental in the development of skills that help a person effectively confront and cope with uncertainties and conflicts. Counselling can take a number of forms.

A few common problems for which counselling can be sought are –

  • Personality problems (Family conflicts, Personal problems (Difficulty to adjust with others) etc.
  • Educational problems (Lack of motivation, Reading difficulties, etc.)
  • Vocational problems (Difference between interests & aptitude)
  • Financial problems (Need for self-support)
  • Health problems {Psycho- somatic disorders (Insomania)}
  • Stress & Change Management at work place

At Wellness Ever, organisational, individual, group, and couples counselling are offered.

Individual counselling provides an opportunity to learn to make better decisions, improve one’s relationships, and generally increase personal effectiveness. With the help of a counselor, a person can explore feelings and express them better, examine beliefs, and work toward making healthy changes.

Group counselling offers an individual a chance to understand feelings and change problem behaviors with the support of peers with similar concerns. Recent groups have focused on such topics as managing stress, coping with grief, surviving trauma, and dealing with dysfunctional families.

Couple counselling is available to partners who want to improve an intimate relationship.

Organisational Stress & Change management – This is an approach to organizational change management that is built upon the principles and practices of Solution-Focused Therapy. While therapy is for individuals and families, Solution-Focused consulting is being used as change process for organizational groups of every size, from small teams to large business units.

A unique approach of counselling complimented with meditation and interaction is used where we help a person identify things that they wish to change in their life and also tho attend to those things that are currently happening that they wish to continue to happen. We help clients construct a concrete vision of a preferred future for themselves and empower them with Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence.

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