Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy helps resolve issues, behavior, habit or belief that may have originated from a reaction to something that may have happened earlier in this life or even before this life. It can bring relief from conditions such as phobias and deep-seated behavioral issues. PLR helps us get to the root cause of certain problem and brings about deep and lasting change. It helps resolve issues related to Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships and Soul.

Past Life Regression is a holistic healing therapy that addresses the root cause of unknown issues. Though it not so easy to believe, healing your past can drastically improve your present as well as your future.

Some people fear that they will see something that they do not like about their past. On the contrary PLR is very helpful, relaxing, energising experience. What you experience during a Past Life Regression session is completely guided by your subconscious mind and your mind will not show you anything which you are not prepared to see. This process can bring understanding and clarity as to why you have a hindering belief or behavior.

It can be helpful to reconstruct how you may have reacted to a situation that was in some way stressful or disturbing. Past life regression therapy is helpful for conditions such as post-traumatic stress or phobias. This powerful therapy can bring profound healing and offer relief from deep-seated fears & other behaviors that can be a obstacle your life.

Benefits of PLR Therapy

  • Release of stress, anxiety and depression that is carried forward from childhood and other lifetimes
  • Clearing and healing traumatic events in past lives which hold us back from full actualization in this lifetime
  • Igniting creativity that was present in other lifetimes and has been dormant due to unresolved issues
  • Expanding your worldview, giving you a new perspective of who you really are
  • Allows you to see into your life from a point of your souls plan, your higher self and listen to your inner guidance system, your intuition.
  • Healing fragments of self and bringing yourself into a unity of wholeness
  • You get to rewrite your past contracts and see into your new ones
  • Release ego desires and past traumas that have caused suffering and pain
  • Grounding! Most people feel expansion and balance.
  • Know your life’s purpose and understand what you can do to be more effective and joyful in your relationships.

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